Wednesday, July 26, 2006

New York Fucking Dolls!!
This is one of the bands that really got me into punk. Hearing David Johansen scream at the beginning of Personality Crisis made me hungry for more. It still is an exhilirating beginning of a truly great album, their self-titled. Johnny Thunders is also a punk rock God. His stuff with the Heartbreakers and then solo is always in my rotation of music. Of course The Dolls arent in tact though. Johnny Thunders and Jerry Nolan died years and years ago, both with drug related stuff. Arthur "Killer" Kane died a year or so ago also, I forget how, but nonetheless, the new lineup is as genuine as any in rock'n'roll these days. These guys sweat it out and play from the heart.

Now to the goddam point, I decided a week back to watch Conan O'Brien for the first time in months and I was floored when he said at the beginning that the musical guest was none other than The New York Dolls. That was just the beginninng though. I nearly shit myself when he dropped the bombshell: the New York Dolls have a new album out as of July 25th! Its been over thirty years, but it's here.

The song they played was called Dance Like a Monkey, and it was straight off of the then unreleased album. The song was great. The band had all the style and swing you could ask for and David Johansen and Sylvain Sylvain haven't lost their wild charisma. Check out the performance here:

The new album's title is amouthful: 'One Day it Will Please Us to Remeber Even This'. I pirated it off of soulseek, but I will likely pick up the real thing soon. The rest of the songs on it sound great too. Raunchy and tough like they were in 1973. I'm totally loving it and it brings bak memories of being 15 with long hair and rocking out in my bedroom haha.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Random Junk
I haven't posted in a while and I feel like a deadbeat. However, I can't find much to post about right now.. so I'll talk about shit that's happened to me or I've been doing recently.

About a week ago I got fined $128.73 for biking on the sidewalk. I didn't run into anyone or anything of the sort.. a carload of cops (three in one cruiser) just drove by and decided it was a good day to fine some harmless kids (me and my friend Tim). I'm usually a leniant guy when it comes to cops and I avoid the punk-as-hell stance of ACAB (all cops are bastards); some of the cops in Truro are real dicks though. Power hungry assholes who honestly enjoy treating people like they're worthless. The cop on the card was the one driving the cruiser. He's notorious for being a jerk. He and three others had to have a hearing a few years ago because they were accused of abuse of authority, but the panel let them off the hook despite some pretty fucked up evidence being put forth.
The day after my fine, some middle aged guy layed on the horn at me when I biked passed his car (he was waiting to pull out of his driveway.. there was traffic so he was at a full stop and with oncoming traffic coming, I biked around him). The horn scared the shit out of me and was completely unnecessary.. so I flipped the bugger off and kept going. This story gets better. Just a block down the street the same lunatic drives up beside me and from across the street shouts something and toots his horn. When I look he has a CAMERA out the window and takes a picture of me. He accidentaly drove up onto the sidewalk in the process and I yelled "good idea buddy." Really fucked up series of events.

I spent the afternoon yesterday learning the first Ramones album on guitar. It seemed like a fun thing to do, and the Ramones are frigging awesome. Joey is beyond cool.

More punk rock posts will come soon, I'm sure. I've been on a proto punk binge lately but Ill swing back around to the 2006 style hardcore side of things soon enough.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Jusy a quick post today..
Fucked Up's first full-length release is being put out very soon with the CD version on Jade Tree and the 2xLP on good ol' Deranged Records in Toronto. The Triumph of Life EP is quickly disappearing from distros everywhere, but last time I checked, Havoc Records still had some available. The Dangerous Fumes 7" is also coming out soon, which I believe is on Deranged as well.

Career Suicide's 'Attempted Suicide' LP is getting released soon with Deranged. This is one slab of vinyl I'm REALLY looking forward to, and just so everybody knows, Truro's own Dave "Bad News" Brown will be drumming for CS on this LP. Pretty wicked.

LBAL's Street Terrorism EP is being sold on Deranged Records' site now along with an alternate tour version.. only 200 copies, so a collectors item for sure if you're the type. It looks like they also have copies of the test press up there too. I don't imagine those'll last long. The tracks I've heard off of this EP are fucking killer. My copy's in the mail!

The Angry Angles/Digital Leather split 7" is out now on Shattered Records. I haven't heard Digital Leather yet, but Angry Angles are pretty cool. If you're into garage style/power pop kinda music, you can't go wrong.

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