Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Panic - Strength in Solitude LP
Say what you want about Bridge9 and the whole youthcrew thing... this band is fucking awesome. Impassioned vocals which remind me of Nine Shocks Terror at times, but with a tad less thrash and more catchiness. Also remind me of Look Back and Laugh, but still very different. Panic has a new LP out called 'Strength in Solitude' and what I've heard of it fucking RIPS! It's a collection of a bunch of their early stuff.

Bridge9: PANIC's now out of print s/t EP, as well as their debut EP "Dying For It", now available on one CD. Also includes their 3 song demo, a track that was recorded live that was never recorded in the studio, and a 5 song enhanced video from 2001! Features members of The Explosion and The Trouble. In stores June 27th...

Obviosly, that applies to the compact disk version of the album, but it's also out on LP if you're a vinyl junkie like me.

Bridge9 Records
Bridge9's Panic page

I cant seem to get onto Panic's website, but here's the address:

New Stuff Out From Grave Mistake Records
One of my favorite little record labels, Grave Mistake, just released a new EP from the band Cloak/Dagger; their debut release. I've never had a chance to hear this band,but if it's anything like the other stuff GM puts out, it should be stellar.

They also mention a new EP release from the band Cardiac Arrest. Again, I haven't heard them but I have high expectations.

Grave Mistake Records: The highly anticipated debut EP from Richmond, VA's CLOAK/DAGGER is now available! "PINATA" delivers up four sonic blasts of raw, no-frills punk rock, attacking you with a full on barrage of BLACK FLAG-esque guitar riffage combined with a driving rhythm and infectious choruses guaranteed to leave you wanting more. Abrasive and addictive, this slab of wax won't leave your turntable.

First press is on some awesome looking white vinyl, all orders will start shipping this Thursday. You can pick up a copy in our webstore.

I did a little write-up on this label if you scroll down. They put out the Wasted Time 7", 86 Mentality's On the Loose 7" and the wicked Deep Sleep - You're Screwed 7".

Grave Mistake Website

Monday, June 26, 2006

Divorce Records
Not a lot to write about today, so I'll put a plug in for some local guys doing great stuff. Divorce Records is a DIY label in Halifax, Nova Scotia (about 100km's from me in Truro, Nova Scotia). It is headed by Darcy "Chik" White, who also sings for The Hold and is a really cool guy.

Divorce Records have been around since 1999, but just put out their first two vinyl releases this spring. The Hold/Gilbert Switzer split 7" and Be Bad/Attack Mode split 7". They also have a handful of releases on cassette and compact disk.

Check out...
Divorce's Website
Divorce's Myspace

...and listen to some mp3's.

Picture is of KC from The Hold. Photo taken by DMC.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Peligro Social's 'No Religion' LP
I don't know why I ignored this band for so long. I finally listened to a few mp3's today and they kick ass. They remind me of Batallion of Saints; 80's hardcore sound with a rock n roll edge.

Their LP, like their split with Born/Dead, is released on Tank Crimes Records.

Tank Crimes:
Rousing pissed off San Francisco high energy melodic hardcore punk en espanol. Mind bendingly catchy and anthemic. This debut album is follow up to split ep with Oakland's anarcho punks Born/Dead. Featuring members from now defunct SF band Cropknox. These 10 songs have a sound simular to classic 80's Spanish punk bands like Eskorbuto, but with even more fire and rockin' Gn'R style guitar leads. '77, '82, 2006, punk rock is timeless when it's this good, an instant classic.

track list:
side A: El Comienzo, Asesino, 20 Años, Amor Termino, Pobres
side B: Diversión, No Religión, Todos a la Mierda, Dominarte, Solo Creo en Mi

1st press (6/06)
1000 black vinyl
1000 cd

Check out Peligro Social's MySpace for yourself if you don't believe me. These guys are pretty rad.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Get Revenge Records
I just found out about this label recently. Check out their mp3s on their site. They have some wicked releases. Life Crisis, She's Dead and Conflict-Resolution are the bands with my favorite songs on there. Also, Assassination were a pleasent surprise... a really sweet crust/hardcore band. Get Revenge also has a pretty nice distro. I think I'll be doing an order with these guys soon!

Get Revenge! Records' site

New Shit @ Feral Ward Records
The new Vicious Obsessive EP is out on Feral Ward, as well as a few more releases includng Lebenden Totten's State Slaughter CD/LP and the self-titled Criminal Damage LP. Also, Government Warning's first full-length will be released in a few weeks. It's called No Moderation.

Out of these releases, I'm most interested in The Vicious' new 7". Their sound on the LP, as retro as it is, is very fresh in today's punk and hardcore landscape. It's a smooth sound ala 45 Grave, The Avengers or The Bags, except with male vox. Can't go wrong there.

Check out the song I'm Bored from The Vicious' self-titled LP on Wasted Sounds.

MP3:The Vicious - I'm Bored

Photo to the top-right is stolen from Daniel at Dead Metaphor. Check out his awesome site.
That's Government Warning playing live.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

'Fucked Up' Not Slowing Down
Fucked Up are one of my favorite bands making music today. Their music really connects with me and I really think that they are going to go down as one of the best hardcore bands ever. They've made some incredible EPs in the past few years, and it seems that they've still got plenty of gas in the tank.

I think that I got this info off of Fucked Up's official blog, but I can't seem to find it again. Anyways, here's the scoop on what you'll be hearing from Fucked Up in the next few months, copied and pasted from somewhere.

The Hidden World CD/2xLP will be released on Jade Tree Records, with the vinyl on Deranged Records. This will include a limited boxset with assort sundries and charms. More info on this box later. Expect the album to drop in late summer 2006. Recording starts Friday March 31st.

The first batch of singles for the LP are like this: Triumph of Life 7" on Vice UK in April 2006, and on Jade Tree in July, Dangerous Fumes 7" on Deranged in July, and in the EU later on with a different bside.

The "Year of the Dog" 12" will be released on Blocks Records in Toronto. Blocks is a registered worker co-op label and produces and release records within a co-operative framework. Look for this 12" in Toronto first in the late summer also. Wait until next year for the "Year of the Pig" 12".

If you want to order The Triumph of Life 7", Fucked Up suggests you go to this site, instead of Vice Records.

Wake Up, Music!
The wild and crazy band from Japan just released their COMPLETE DISCOGRAPHY on vinyl LP with Thrash on Life Records. I don't think I need to say anything about the Jellyroll Rockheads. If you don't like them, that sucks, because you're missing out.

625's blurb:It's been a few years in the making, but finally the vinyl version of the JRRH discography is done! This collects everything these OSAKA thrashers did: eps, comps, demo, live plus unreleased tracks. Mind-blowing 1000mph, early GANG GREEN fast hardcore that have since spawned a few clones - yet will never be matched in their speed and originality. Members consisted of ex- and future- members of RAZORS EDGE, THE FUTURES, WORLD plus a billion other seminal OSAKA hardcore punk bands.

Thrash on Life's blurb[translated by]:
1999 year formation. 2001 end of year activity pause. As for member 4 people of IKD ROCKHEAD of KENJI, MISSILE and the futures of RAZORS EDGE, and Dr.SAFBM of origin WORLD. * The high energy by them slash [hadokoa] [pankurotsuku]!! That abnormal beat which Boston [hadokoa] brings whether in the axis, even with this [rotsukin] of drum and degree of metallic zero rough impression [tatsupuri] which are struck the guitar and the screaming [chi] it seems the [hi] [tsu] chestnut seeming that returns, [kiyatsuchi] vocal and [kusotaito] the hot [bunbun] base! * Is condensed during the the high sense which short activity & there is high-tension [hadokoa] here! At that time forming, at that time it was written for performing the visiting Japan performance of the [insuto] post lock band TRISTEZA of America same effectiveness as all sound sources to the split of 2nd single from 1st single and the Japanese mangrove from the American 625 and EXCLAIM of the rust work and an unpublished sound source from the demonstration tape which was made, as [jieriroru] unique long number (7 minutes) first sound source conversion! [amerikatsua] - with live sound source 6 tune additions! Complete work collection of all the 38 tunes where everything is found with this one!

Jellyroll Rockhead's Site [mostly in Japanese]
Thrash on Life Records' Site
625 Thrash's Site

Friday, June 16, 2006

New Album from the Kings of Punk
I know that this is old news, but I figured I'd put it out there anyways. Poison Idea fucking rock. Everything from Pick Your King, to Kings of Punk, Feel The Darkness, and We Must Burn. Everything kicks ass. They take the anger and anguish of Discharge, mesh it with the reckless punk rock styles of the Germs, and spit it back out in a way that isn't successfully matched by ANYONE. The new LP is called Latest Will and Testament which is the title that Tom "Pig Champion" Roberts wanted. Fitting, because tragically Pig Champ's reckless lifestyle of drugs, booze and junk food caught up with him and he passed away in February at the relatively young age of 47.

Here's what the label that released the LP, Farewell Records, posted about the release: POISON IDEA are back again with a new record!!! Germany`s FAREWELL Records is proud to announce the release of the new record "Latest Will And Testament" by the "Kings of Punk" from Portland, Oregon. Pre-orders for the colored vinyl version of 300 copies are possible!

And a blurb taken from Interpunk:Back again with an amazing new record!! Poison Idea are a legendary hardcore punk band. They started in 1980, broke up in 1993, and re-formed in 1996. Recorded in 2005, this is the final Poison Idea release that will feature Pig Champion (Tom Roberts) on guitar. Pig Champion died in Janaury of 2006 shortly after the band finished this new LP/CD. Ten tracks of rip-snortin’ punk rock as only Poison Idea can deliver it!

Rest In Punk, Tom "Pig Chamion" Robert

Cool Poison Idea interview
Farewell Records

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Grave Mistake Records
Since we're already talking about Deep Sleep, let's talk about Grave Mistake Records. Thay are a DIY label and distro located in Richmond, Virginia. Their most recent releases are Deep Sleep's debut 7" Cloak/Dagger's self-titled EP. They have put out an impressive line-up of hardcore punk releases, which include some of the best releases of the past couple years.

Here's a quick overview:
GRAVE003: BAD BUSINESS - "S/T" 7" E.P. (2003)

GRAVE004: 86 MENTALITY - "S/T" 7" E.P. (2004)
GRAVE006: NO IDOLS - "S/T" 7" E.P. (2005)
GRAVE009: 86 MENTALITY - "ON THE LOOSE" 7" E.P. (2005)

GRAVE011: SET TO EXPLODE - "S/T" 7" E.P. (2005)
GRAVE012: IRON BOOTS - "EASY GREEN" 7" E.P. (2005)
GRAVE013: WASTED TIME - "S/T" 7" E.P. (2005)
GRAVE015: CLOAK/DAGGER - "S/T" 7" E.P. (2006)

They also have an ever-growing distro on their site with bands from their label and others. I have ordered records from them several times. They are packaged well, sent quickly and the tunes fucking rock! I really recommend these guys.


Deep Sleep 'You're Screwed' EP
Deep Sleep are an awesome new band that I'm very excited about. Can't go wrong with a Poison Idea ref' as the name of the band. Their 7" is the kind of awesome hardcore punk rock that it seems all the bands from the American North-East are pumping out these days. With all the wicked new bands popping up though, these guys still manage to stand out, mixing speed, talented song-writing and the oldschool hardcore blueprint to create a really great sound and a must-have new 7". Their sound is very comparable to the first two Regulations EP's. This is easily my favorite 7" that I've picked up in the past few months.

Here's what their label, Grave Mistake, had to say: "We are extremely excited and very proud to announce that the brand new debut 9 song EP from Baltimore's DEEP SLEEP is now available for mass consumption! Prepare yourself for a nonstop barrage of raw, spiteful, in your face hardcore punk rock. Drawing some heavy influences from classic 80's socal bands punk (a little DESCENDENTS and ADOLESCENTS worship never hurt anyone), while maintaining a healthy dose of originality, DEEP SLEEP have created a soon to be modern punk rock classic, loaded with enough infectious hooks to keep you singing along from start to finish, yet packing enough punch to knock you straight on your ass at the same time."

You can hear three songs off the 7" at their Myspace page...
Deep Sleep's Myspace

Verbal Abuse's 'Just An American Band' LP
The classic 'Just An American Band' LP from Verbal abuse is being reissued by No Way Records.

Here is what No Way Records posted on their site: "We sent off the VERBAL ABUSE "Just An American Band" lp master to the pressing plant last week so we'll be seeing tests for that pretty soon. That's gonna be one WHOPPER of a record. If you've never heard of them, where have you been? It's classic 83 Hardcore. This lp came out on Fowl records back then, and is now a collectors gem. It came out on Bitzcore as a glorified bootleg later, but who cares about that. We're here to have this thing legitmate people! More news to come on that...."

Beer City Records also reissued this album on compact disc a few years ago, with additional live tracks from 1984.

Violent Minds puts out self-titled CD on Parts Unknown
This agressive hardcore band from Pennsylvania just put out what is their first two EPs and some comp tracks on CD. These guys really sound like Negative Approach if they had of came out of this era. I hate to make the cliche NA comparrison, but this one is legit!! I'll let Parts Unknown Records do the talking from here on in: This CD complies both the self-titled 7" on the now defunct My War records and the "Riot" 7" as well as "Hit List" from the Town Of Hardcore comp. Liner notes by the one and only Thousand Dollar Brian. Sick layout by the truly talented Ben West. As long time hardcore groupie and overall music historian Don Rettman put it (he got his leg broke at a Circle Jerks show in like '81 by a member of Autistic Behavior) "Pig Champion did not die in vain". I agree.
Violent Minds' site
Parts Unknown Records' site

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Fashionable Idiots Records
Fashionable Idiots Records is a small, new label out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. They've only released three 7inches, but they are three very potent releases which are getting a lot of attention in hardcore distros. The releases are Brain Handle's self-titled, Formaldehyde Junkies' self-titled and Chronis Seizure's 'Brain Sick'. Three releases in three months.

You can visit their site for more information. Each band has one mp3 up on the site for your listening pleasure. I look foreward to seeing what comes next for this rad little label.

Look Back and Laugh
Street Terrorism EP

The female-fronted hardcore ragers from California have just released a new EP on the Canadian label, Deranged Records called 'Street Terrorism'. Their name may be a blatant Minor Threat ref', but their sound is nothing less than full-speed modern thrash with more rage and passion than you'll know what to do with.

Here's a blurb from Deranged: I was expecting great things from their ‘Street Terrorism’ ep based on their previous recording but this goes way beyond anything they have ever done. The five tracks on this ripper completely destroy anything they have ever recorded – tough as nail hardcore – fast, loud and mean. They manage to blend their shear hardcore power with some catchy structure making it one awesome piece of vinyl. For those keeping track, this band features ex-members of TALK IS POISON and DEAD AND GONE, they also have two Lps on Lengua Armada Records. They are touring the WestCoast later this summer with FUCKED UP and EastCoast in June.

Right now, Deranged is selling 200 copies on blue vinyl for $4.00 (Canadian dollars) a peice as well as another batch on standard black vinyl for $3.50CAD.

LBAL's site

New Limp Wrist EP out!
New 7" entitled "...Want Us Dead" was recently released on Lengua Armada. Four new tracks from the all-gay, all-straight edge band lead by one of the most influencial faces in hardcore today, Martin Sorrondeguy.

Here's interpunk's blurb on the release: Four new tracks from the re-formed Limp Wrist. "Fake Fags," "Just Like You," What’s Gone Wrong," and "Want Us Dead" will rip you a new one with a blast of explosive punk hardcore like only Limp Wrist can unleash. Featuring x members of such great bands as Los Crudos and Kill the Man That Questions. If you like it HARD, Limpwrist can get you off...

You can snatch yourself a copy from Interpunk, Feral Ward, Cr!me Mailorder, amongst other I'm sure. AND, you can hear the song "Just Like You" on Limp Wrist's Myspace page.

I warn you ahead of time, Cr!me Mailorder will often leave it looking like titles are still available when they are out of stock(even on Ebay!!!), so buyer beware: you might get a credit slip instead of a 7".

Limp Wrists website

Havoc Records Reissues "Litany" on 7inch
From Havoc's site:
This is a re press of the Litany 7" originally released on Test Pattern Records. The original pressing was quite limited and sold out Fast. Havoc has agreed to press up 3,000 more of this killer. Four of Fucked Up's best songs. Hard hitting, catchy and memorable hardcore punk delivered with venom and spite. To my mind this is one of the best punk bands of the 21st Century thus far. The simple catchy songs strike me as being far deeper than they appear on the first listen. The band employs a stripped down "less is more" approach that is three steps ahead of most hardcore punk bands today. The end result are songs that work on several levels at once, manifesting themselves both as "thinking man's hardcore" and circle pit instigating ragers at the same time.

This reissue was done on May 7th, so it's kinda old news, but I needed to start somewhere. I've already got my copy! They still have some left for $4USD+shipping. If you didn't get a copy the first time around, don't miss out again. Seriously, an epic 7". A modern classic.

Havoc Records

Why I Started This Blog...
I made this site/blog to be a up-to-date and informative source for hardcore punkers. It's basically going to be a news site. I will do my best to collect information from all over the web about reissued vinyl, new releases, and general stuff that is of interest. I'm fully aware of and Punknews is somewhat mainstream orientated. Hardcore Times is great, but I think their is still a large peice of the DIY punk scene that isn't covered by them(no offence). I have a lot of respect for what both of these sites and what they (and Im sure there are others) do. I just think I may have something to offer.

Most - if not all - of my information will be taken from other websites of labels and bands. I'm not trying to steal anything, I just want to create a place where a lot of information can be centralized.

There are so many awesome distros, labels and bands out there constantly doing stuff, I have a real hard time keeping track of it all. Hopefully this will make it a bit easier for me and others like me.

If you have any problems with stuff here, or there are errors in what I have posted, contact me at

I hope you find this place useful, and by all means, I could use some help in making this work.